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Impala Floor Mats

The impala floor mats are the perfect solution for any dirt, dust or water damage. They are versatile and can be used for both hardwood and avellanas floors, making them the perfect choice for those with water damage. The heavy duty finish means that they will stay tough and look good.

Floor Mats For Chevy Impala

Floor mats for a chevy impala. floor mats for a chevy imp.

Impala Logo Floor Mats

Our impala logo floor mats are perfect for your auto. With heavy-duty rubber liners, you'll be confident that your vehicle is well-protected. these floor mats are made with a flextough shell rubber material that is surface-friendly and deep-sided for an even better connection between the floor and car. The mat has three deep channels that will allow easy shouldning and are black in color. the impala floor mats are a perfect way to protect your vehicle from weather conditions. They are heavy-duty rubber car floor mats that come in all weather protection colors. With this mat, you can always be aware of your vehicle in the event of an event or weather condition. our impala floor mats are a great way to ensure your car is dirty before it's time for another cleaning. The mat is made of durable vinyl and has a heel pad fortpsuitable for both inside and outside applications. Our mat is easy to clean and is perfect for the dirty car.