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2012 Nissan Rogue All Weather Floor Mats

The 2022 nissan rogue all-weather floor mats are perfect for heavy duty vehicles. They are durable and will protect your floor mat from damage, making it a great choice for those that have a heavy-duty vehicle. The 3 colors are blue, black, and white.

Best 2012 Nissan Rogue All Weather Floor Mats

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2012 Nissan Rogue All Weather Floor Mats Amazon

The square, rubber-backed floor mat is perfect for your nissan rogue. It provides protection from snow and ice, and is also good for a mixture of dust and blood. This mat is perfect for uses such as get-and-go, or outside in the mountains. the 2022 nissan rogue all weather floor mats are perfect for your car or truck. They have a deep dish design that is will fit most models and is made of durable fabric. The mat is also comfortable to use with a soft surface area. They are perfect for a busy city environment or one that is looking for protection. The floor mats have a tough outer layer of rubberized backing so your vehicle will stay clean and free from dirt and debris. The inside is full of pockets and channels for easy entry and exit. The floor mat also has a comfortable fit and finishes for a maintenance-free life. They are heavy-duty and will last long, while providing a comfortable place to rest your feet.